Our Company

B&M Development Consultants PLC (B&M) is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Founded in 1994 to provide development and management advisory services in a range of technical areas, the Company has developed into one of the leading local professional consulting companies in Ethiopia. With its full-fledged office facilities and equipment, the Company has worked for various government institutions and agencies, the private sector, NGOs and UN agencies (including mainly the WB, ILO, UNICEF, WFP), bilateral organizations (notably DFID, GIZ, DANIDA, Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others), the EU and ICRC in techno-economic and socio-economic studies across the country.

B&M has worked on various projects with a number of highly reputable national as well as international consultancy firms, including Mokoro Ltd of UK, LTS International Ltd of UK, IMC Worldwide Limited of UK, Oxford Policy Management Ltd of UK, SOFRECO of France, AGEG of Germany, CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions Limited of India, TSB Sugar International Booker Tate Limited of South Africa as well as Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise of Ethiopia, among others.

Our Staffs

B&M is a professionally run private limited company established by four partners that constituted the General Assembly. At the apex, the General Manager (GM), accountable to the General Assembly, is the highest organ overseeing activities of the company. Apart from the legal advisor and auditor supporting the GM, down the line, the two Divisions, Technical as well as Administration and Finance Divisions constituted the executive organ of B&M. The Technical Division is responsible for coordinating, directing and controlling the technical aspects of the projects B&M undertakes. The Administration and Finance Division, on the other hand, administers the human resource, finance, and logistics aspects of the company.

In addition to the executive organ, managing and support staffs described above, B&M has access to around 100 freelance consultants including retained professionals from diverse disciplines who have gained sound experience working in various fields both at national and international levels. Our pool of professionals comprise economists, statisticians, sociologists, social anthropologists, gender experts, education experts, development planners, urban planners, industrial development experts, tourism experts, engineers, agricultural (crop & livestock development) experts, hydrologists & WaSH experts, environmentalists, climate change specialists, archaeologists, geologists, geographers, O&M experts, human resources development specialists, financial analysts and accountants.

Co-founders and Managers of the Company


Gadissa Bultosa, with M.A in Social Statistics from University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) and B.Sc. in Statistics from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), is the General Manager and Partner of B&M, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Gadissa has extensive experience in socio-economic and baseline surveys; feasibility studies; data management; rapid appraisal methods; project/ programme design, implementation and management; impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation; social accountability instruments and processes; and data management with very good writing, editing and organization skills. An experienced and resourceful manager with a solid understanding of the countries development sectors and proven success in planning, coordinating & implementing business activities, Gadissa also brings with him extensive regional knowhow & experience of working with government agencies as well as donor agencies & international organizations. He has been awarded professional competence certificate of Management Consultants from the Ethiopian Management Institute in November, 2001.

Gadissa Bultosa has served in the capacity of lead consultant, project coordinator/manager, and monitoring and evaluation expert in a number of assignments, which prioritized quantitative, and qualitative data management, gender, as well as social & economic wellbeing of the society.

His previous positions included head of socio-economic division, head of monitoring and evaluation unit, programme officer, senior statistician in Woody Biomass Inventory and Strategic Planning Project of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA); and senior expert, Socio-Economic Division, Planning and Programming Department of the MoA. In addition, Gadissa is a member of Board of Trustee, Elilly International Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Feb 2012- to date); and had served as Chairperson (May 2017 Dec 2019), Board of Directors, Oromia International Bank S.C; prior to this, he had served as Vice Chairperson (July 2013 - May 2017) in the same Board of Directors.

Merga Afeta,with MA in Economics from Indian University, Bloomington (USA) and BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University, is Senior Partner and Ex-General Manager of B&M. Merga has gained wide and long experiences working at various higher levels for different governments and UN agencies in Africa. His previous positions included, among others, Senior Loan Officer, Development Bank of Ethiopia, Director Financial Analysis, Ethiopian Airlines, Head of Industry, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of Ethiopian, General Manager the then Ethiopian Food Corporation (that operated over 30 food processing factories), Chief Economist, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Government of Botswana, and Chief Technical Advisor, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Government of Sudan, the last two
assignments under UNDP/UNDTCD programs. Merga Afeta has performed several consultancy works for UN agencies, governments and private enterprises. He has carried out macro-economics (fiscal and monetary) analysis (Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Mauritius and Zimbabwe and Sudan); formulation of sectoral and regional development planning, policy and strategy; design and preparation of development programs and projects; feasibility studies; appraisals, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment of various projects and programs; market studies; development finance, loan processing, medium and long term credits, investment plan, financing arrangements and financial analysis (Botswana, Sudan and Ethiopia); investment promotion and privatization (Botswana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, English speaking African counties); joint production, joint investment and subcontracting, regional and sub-regional integration (COMESAC, SADCC and ECOWAS); market access under WTO; and preparation of training manuals and guidelines for project.